Cherry Blossom Hypnosis offers custom programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, self-confidence and improving sports & academic performance, as well as stress management, pain management, relationship counselling, letting go of fears, and more.

Serving clients in our Kingston clinic and by ZOOM. we aim to help people create positive changes in their lives by overcoming their own personal problems through hypnosis.

Quit smoking: depicts a cigarette being snapped in half.

Smoking Cessation

Tackle addictive tendencies and learn how to break your dependence and quit smoking.


Weight Loss

Unpick the reasons for unhealthy eating habits and learn techniques to overcome them.


Stress Management

Stress can affect us all. Learn how to identify your triggers and change your perspective for better stress management.

Lacing up running shoes

Break Bad Habits

We can all fall into bad habits. Learn why you form the bad habits you do and develop tools to break them.


Overcome Fears

Tackle your fears and phobias head-on, and overcome the limiting factors in your life.

Self-confident woman atop a hill


Delve into your self to understand why you feel the way you do, and learn how to reframe your thinking to develop your self-confidence.

Man vaping

Quit Vaping

Long-term use of electronic cigarettes, or vaping products, can significantly impair the function of the body’s blood vessels, increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease.

A targeted hypnosis program can help you break the addiction.

Woman on sofa with back pain

Chronic Pain Management

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and stressful. Our hypnosis program can give you the tools to manage it, breaking the cycle and putting you in control.

Blurred image of man sitting alone on a park bench

Hypnosis for Grief

We all experience grief at some point in our lives. Our hypnosis program will help you understand your grief more profoundly and help you build coping mechanisms to help you live with it and not become overwhelmed.